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The 10 Most Annoying People To Watch Sports With

By Lance Pauker On July - 31 - 2010
Sports connect. Sports unify. Sports foster community. These unique properties of sport render it one of the most important form of ritual in American society. For some, the "big game" is more highly anticipated than Christmas. In many ways, major sporting events have taken to a holiday of sorts. For proof, look no further than the Super Bowl. Essentially, sport watching breeds an ecosystem. Each and every individual gathered around a television set—be it at a local bar, a friend's sweet big screen, or a college dorm room—brings something different to the table. Just like the sport itself, those watching the game together often develop into a team. For a successful watch party, every individual must contribute in some fashion. As in any ecosystem, there will be those that thrive. There will also be those who struggle to adapt to the circumstances. Their inability to integrate into the group will become noticeable by the other members of the team, and their continued presence could even become harmful. With every group of enthusiastic and cohesive sport watchers, there is always a buzz-kill. In addition to making the game considerably less enjoyable for all involv...

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