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In a recent radio interview, DeSean Jackson used language that puts Kobe Bryant’s foul tongue to shame. His vile words about sexual orientation, on the public airwaves, apparently sparked outrage from his corporate sponsors.  

Jackson joins athletes like Joakim Noah, unable to restrain themselves from using slurs in public.

DeSean Jackson has shocked his fans with three recent tweets that do not sound like football’s holy terror. Crafted by his lawyers, keepers, or former English teachers, DeSean does not sound like his true self.

The series of tweets come in a vernacular that does not in any way resemble the slang-infested jargon of the usual athlete.

Instead, moderation and proper syntax have suddenly been adopted by someone purporting to be DeSean Jackson.

More shocking than his slurs is his apparent knowledge of rudimentary grammar, evinced in the following:

“Intolerance is unacceptable and I apologize to anyone I have offended.”

His apology manages to intone all the buzzwords of a politically correct commerci...

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