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My favorite college hockey team is at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts. You have to understand my loyalty. I have been on the faculty there for more years than most players have been playing.

So it was with a bit of distress that I learned the entire hockey team had been felled by a mysterious illness recently.

Theories on what happened went from Legionnaires' disease to SARS. Conspiracy theorists wondered why only the visiting Curry team came down with the sickness after a night game away from home. None of the opposing team members were sick.

Maryellen Colliton Kiley, the dean of Curry students, informed all interested parties, “A number of student athletes have developed symptoms including shortness of breath, dizziness and coughing of blood. These students are all receiving medical treatment.”

All were put into self-quarantine until the cause could be determined. Days later several players remained under observation in a local hospital. A few people noted that another visiting team had become sickened after the game a week or so earlier with simi...

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