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Do Sports Stars Have a Right to Privacy?

By Alex Ferguson On December - 1 - 2009

Tiger Woods called his boat after the word.

Sports stars all over the world say the word. Over and over again.

Some fans think a star who is truculent to the media is a bit of an idiot, when doesn't he have a right to privacy?

In fact, don't all sports stars have a right to privacy?


Sports stars are human beings. True, they live in the human zoo called sports—and they came to the game to 'get famous' and then 'get paid,' but the bottom line is this: They are all human beings.

And because they are human beings, we shouldn't be asking more than Tiger Woods gave after crashing his car on Thanksgiving. He wasn't drunk. He wasn't violent. He wrapped his car around a fire hydrant. According to him, his wife, Elin Woods, was a heroine by smashing the back of the car. Can't we leave him to it?

We shouldn't accuse Albert Pujols of being a nasty human being. The guy does more for charities for kids with disabilities—yes, the kids that some of us and our families and friends make fun on a day-to-day basis—than we could ever dream of. OK, so he's not exactly friendly to the media, who permanently hound him.


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