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Ever since the election of President Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson has been a man desperately in search of a cause to exploit.

Apparently, with the departure of LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Rev. Jackson has finally found one.

With Dan Gilbert’s stinging indictment of LeBron’s departure, Jackson has accused the Cavs’ owner of treating James as a “runaway slave.”

Leave it to Jesse Jackson to introduce race into a colorblind discussion of sports loyalties! You can always count on Jesse to drag the slimy world of politics into the sometimes-brutal world of professional sports.

The anger in Cleveland, over LeBron’s defection to Miami, had absolutely nothing to do with racism. It had everything to do with the loyalty that everyday Americans have for their favorite sports teams.

When franchise players in any sport choose to go elsewhere in pursuit of money or larger notoriety, the fans in that city often feel slighted and outraged.


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