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In many ways, the modern world of professional sports offers a glimpse of diversity, often unseen in other facets of life. Participants in a variety of athletic endeavors hail from many far-flung reaches of the planet, as globalization and technological advancement have improved the ability to scout and train athletes from around the world.

Of course, not everyone is supportive of such diversity, as xenophobia and racism are still issues that rear their ugly heads at times in the sporting world. For the most part though, sports fans accept athletes for who they are, regardless of their heritage; the primary concerns being performance and results.

Unfortunately, the same luxury is not afforded to homosexual athletes.

For all the publicity given to racial equality and ethnic diversity in sports, even specific high-profile campaigns designed to stamp out racism, there still remains an invisible barrier for gay athletes.

Sure, there have occasionally been openly gay participants in particular sports, such as former world champion diver and Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis, or former tennis stars Billie Jean...

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