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Leave it to the Los Angeles Laker star to return to the glorious past when racism and homophobia were all the rage.

He has called a referee in the NBA a “f----ng f—g-t.” 

Spin your Wheel of Fortune to find the proper vowels.

In its wisdom, the NBA has fined him $100,000 or as NBA thugs call it, “Chump Change.”

Some indignant souls are calling for his immediate suspension—good luck with that at playoff time.

Kobe apologists want to dismiss the comments. If his fans use that language, he believes he can too.

Ten years ago, baseball Cro-Magnon John Rocker was suspended for less.

What’s even more amusing is that a large percentage of basketball fans would likely apply that term to Kobe himself.

How’s it feel to have the foot and shoe in your mouth, Kobe?

How stupid is Kobe Bryant? Consider it a record-setter in an age when tolerance is being preached everywhere.

What’s next for Bryant? Will he lead a group of fans to beat up an opposing player, as they did in Los Angeles Dodger...

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