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Chris Naghski passed away last week at the age of 29.

Chris was a great man and an even better friend.

“SkiDog,” as he was affectionately referred to by his friends, loved to watch and talk about The Wire, The Sopranos and The Big Lebowski.

Chris also loved the world of sports.

Below is a brief tribute to “SkiDog” and the teams that he gave his heart and soul to.

1) Chris loved the New York Yankees. For whatever reason, he particularly adored that fat bastard David “Boomer” Wells. When “Boomer” was knocked out in a dingy Manhattan diner 5 years ago by an Italian midget named Rocco Graziosa, “SkiDog” vowed revenge if he ever encountered the paisan in the streets.

2) Naghski passionately cheered for Rutgers football despite the fact that they have fielded approximately one decent squad since Booth killed Lincoln. His fanaticism for the lowly Scarlet Knights was indicative of Chris because it exhibited his unyielding loyalty no matter the circumstances.

3) SkiDog was an enormous New York Giants fan. When the Giants defeat...

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