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Drugs In Baseball Vs. Tennis: A Contrast In Substance

By Andrew Nuschler On July - 16 - 2009

When Long John suggested the idea for this story, I jumped at the chance because I'm sick and you're tired of reading the same old Major League Baseball steroid schlock.  At this point, it's no longer "news" when one of our beloved game's stars emerges from the depths in the new, more vigilant net.

But performance-enhancing drugs are still very much an important topic and deserve to be discussed in an open forum.

The problem is, as the aforementioned glitterati entered the fray, PEDs also became a sensational topic.  Alex Rodriguez or Manny Ramirez or Barry Bonds in the headline meant that baby had an audience—didn't really matter what the content was.

Once that happened, it became incumbent on the writer to start pushing into new areas of the issue because fresh angles were no longer necessary to sell ink (or cyber-ad space).

And—I'll chuck myself under the bus here—I can't say I was succeeding magnificently in that regard.  However, LJS has invited me to tag along while he heads into new territory so I'm still gonna get there.


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