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Bleacher Report was fortunate enough to get a golden pass into the mecca of gaming that is the E3 Gaming Expo. All of the familiar titles were there: Sonic, Mario, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, and much more. At the expo you can’t help but focus on two letters that are synonymous with sports, entertainment, and quality. Those two letters are EA.  

EA has become the primary name in sports gaming with titles such as FIFA, NCAA Football, and the ever popular Madden series. Now EA takes the first chair in tackling the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in their new franchise affectionately named EA Sports MMA. This game includes current Strikeforce as well as some fighters from the Japanese Dream promotion.  

Fans will be happy that the controller mechanics for this game are very similar to the Fight Night controls using both analog sticks for movement as well as striking. Fans can also switch to normal button controls if they do not enjoy the Fight Night type controls.  

With the controller in hand you notice that this game is as calculated and exact as the sport that we all know and love. Strikin...

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