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Forbes has released their list of the 10 most miserable sports cities in the United States, and at least one of the cities comes as a great surprise to me. It should come as disgust to sports fans in the city of Atlanta.

I recently came up with my own top 10 list of the toughest cities to be a sports fan—and it is a far more accurate ranking in comparison to the one put out by Forbes.

When coming up with the most miserable cities for their list, Forbes takes into account a "sports heartbreak index" as opposed to futility and embarrassment. They do not take many other factors into consideration.

Forbes also ranks some cities on this list with only one or two professional franchises. To me, a city cannot experience true heartache unless they have at least three pro teams for which they cheer in their hometown.

Before I get into why Atlanta fans should be irate, here is a look at my top 10 li...

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