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The Two Sides Of Sports: Arrogant and Respectful

By Northwest Sports Report On September - 15 - 2009

After noticing all that occurred this past weekend in sports—along with the VMAs featuring a special guest appearance by Kanye West—I decided to share my opinion on what USA Today called "the loss of civility in sports."

First it was Michael Jordan's HOF speech. Then it was Serena Williams going off at a line judge. Finally. it was capped off with Roger Federer swearing at the chair official.

Is this the first time things like this have happened in sports? No, of course not but it's the first time they occurred in close proximity to one another.

I guess if you want to really cap it off, there is Kanye West overshadowing Taylor Swift at the VMAs—which in my opinion was completely unnesseccary—but let's stick to sports.

What all this shows is there are two sides of sports. I'll use a represnitive from each side.

Michael Jordan will take the arrogant side, the guy who just said something that leaves you wondering why did he just said/did that.

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