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For months since Tiger Woods was exposed as a cheap womanizer, a cheater, a liar, and a cornball (what guy uses the word 'naughty'), I thought about professional athletes and the drama that always seems to surround them. The Tiger Woods scandal is really no different than any other athlete who's sheltered from real-world consequences and accountability. No one can argue that what a person constantly hears becomes their reality. So if all you hear is, "you're the greatest", "you're the best", "you're untouchable" and people act like it, then you start to believe it. We have made a person's ability to put a ball in a hole or in a confined space synonymous with God. So, yeah, we have helped to create monsters. So to all the monsters out there and those in the making, here are a Jersey Girl's three good life rules that will help you avoid scandal. www.jerseygirlsports.com

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