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Let’s Forget about “Role Models”

By Duncan Scott On December - 30 - 2009

Tiger Woods is a sports star, a golfer who has been "exposed" as a philanderer.

Do I feel outraged about Woods' behaviour? No, I don't.

It may come as a shock to some readers, although I doubt it, but men from the age of 14 to 84 do tend to seek the company of attractive women. For attractive, read alive. Not all men, no, some lack the means, the motive, or the opportunity. Some have genuine moral scruples.

In general, though, we men are quite commonly woman-hunting beasts, that's what our DNA programmes us to be.

Woods is one of a long line of public figures who have been caught in adultery, and have then cringed in the lurid light of the headlines. There is a standard script for a person in that situation, it begins with a ritual apology to the wronged wife, and ends with a plea for privacy "to rebuild my marriage."

Down the line a way, they always do split up. Expensively.

Is it right that a sports star should have to endure public humiliation over his marital transgressions? Tiger Woods gets dumped on, while unknown Mike Woods keeps his little secrets in the dark?

It can't be right.

But the media, staffed entirely by p...

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