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The 35 Most Ridiculous Reasons to Love Sports

By Andrew Blumetti On June - 30 - 2012

Sports are ridiculous.

Think about it.  We gather and watch grown men and women kick a ball into a massive net, tackle each other for 60 minutes, hit a speeding ball with a piece of wood, and try to chuck a big orange ball into a basket.

A team's loss can ruin our week, or a dramatic win can bring a tear to our eye.  Really, it's just a game!  Doesn't that sound crazy? 

Neanderthal cavemen didn't have any of these things and they got by okay.  Sport is a man-made creation, after all. 

For some reason, we find ourselves enamored with this seemingly ludicrous world, though.  The competitive nature of battling teams brings out our fighting spirit. 

Fathers and sons bond and pass down traditions sharing peanuts watching a baseball game on a sunny summer day.  For some people, a Sunday afternoon football game is the relaxing break they've waited for all work-week.

(The Grinch's heart would begin to grow through that small box now...) 

Maybe there's something more here, though. 

Maybe enjoying something so simple is healthy for the soul.  Sharing experiences and stories, making ...

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