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Ghosts of The Game: Players I Never Saw

By Chad Smith On July - 16 - 2009

One of the greatest things about sports is their history. The players of the past have affected all of the players of today in a special way.

There have been several generations of athletes, and with those athletes are the fans that followed them throughout their careers. The fans remember everything about them, and the experiences they had of them.

What about the youthful generation of today? What about those of us born in the mid-to-late '80s that missed so much? All we have are the highlights and stories of others from those historic eras.

As a fan today, I feel grateful that I can watch Peyton Manning and Tom Brady duel it out right before my eyes and feel the anticipation that leads up to the game.

I appreciate the fact that I can watch LeBron James and Kobe Bryant go head-to-head as they play out their sure-fire Hall of Fame careers.

While I know I am fortunate to watch these Hall of Famers play during their careers, I can't help but think about all I have missed. I may have been alive during some of these historic events, but not old enough to remember any of them.

Whether it be baseball, football, or basketball, there are so man...

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