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For a long time I've read about wrestling from the perspective of an outsider looking in. Now I'm one of the few lucky people who get to sit behind the keyboard and write whatever they like and feel about wrestling for a site like this.

A site, like many others, that perhaps gets labelled a "dirtsheet" and its users and readers labelled "smarts." I want to write a series of articles dedicated to defending the IWC, because of all the abuse it sometimes takes. Whether it be from wrestlers, outsiders looking in, other fans and even by members of the IWC itself on sites like this, who I find, at times, seem to think the best way to separate themselves from the crowd is to attack others like them and point out their flaws.

I'm a proud member of the IWC. I'd carry a little club card that says, "I am a member of the internet wrestling community and I'm lovin' it!" if there was such a card.

Why? Because although we get criticized, there are so many great things about the IWC that the critics miss. Unfortunately, that's not what I'm going to write about i...

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