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How the Element of Surprise Enhances Sports

By Rohini Iyer On July - 15 - 2009

What keeps a sports fan glued to his favourite brand of sport/sports?

A feeling of connectivity; not only with a team or a player but with every component involved in making the sport whole and complete.

Yet, apart from that there is one more "part of the whole" element which adds even more flavour to the fan viewership making sports something more than a by-rote or mundane affair.

Volatility is well appreciated sometimes, and when it comes to sports, then volatility or to call it in subtle terms "surprise" is more than welcome; surprise which almost borders on unpredictability.

Think about it. An almost rhetoric performance or display of sportsmanship won't garner any mass fan following, especially year-after-year and generation-after-generation; there has to be some zing or some flare up to bolster the "predicted" affairs of the game.

Take cricket for example; no one expected the English side to topple over the mighty Oz squad during the 2005 Ashes and when they did the honour, it added a twist, a sweet twist to the apparently prevailing one-sided Ashes saga and increased the anticipation for the next instalment of the series to be held after...

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