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Ric Flair is arguably the best pro-wrestler to step into the ring. Hulk Hogan is most likely the biggest draw there has ever been. Both of these are the greatest legends of last century.

However, both of them have legacies that are not only tarnished but have also become parodies.

We the fans have often wondered about why these two (along with countless others) had to squash their own greatness. Why after achieving so much, did they have to strive for more? Legends that they are, they are part of the very few who've reached the ultimate zenith.

There was nothing left to conquer, then why in the world did they have to fight one more time?

All the legends could have simply sat at their respective homes and there is no way they would have slipped into anonymity.  

Then, what was the reason that forced them into the downhill slide? What was the motive behind this relentless struggle? Did they want more money? Was it another compulsion? Or was it perhaps their own legacy?

I have always though...

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