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I Virtually Hate Bleacher Report.

By GetOutofMyBallpark On July - 24 - 2009

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As some of you my know, for the past few months, SMC and I have been posting some of our work on a site known as Bleacher Report. This is a site for aspiring sports writers and other douchebags (ourselves included) to post their opinions, reactions, and predictions on anything relating to the wold of sports.

It is a great idea, and probably makes the people who came up with it a crapload of money. It has been a mostly enjoyable experience for us, as it has brought us a lot of traffic to our site—mostly because we only put half of each article on there with a link to the rest of it, which pisses some people off, but works really well.

We've also got some guidance on how to improve our work by allowing us to read the work of others like us.

In the past week, however, I have come across the seedier side of BleacherReport, and this whole internet thing in general. On Monday, we received an email (through the BR system) from our first fan on the site, a guy named Revo.

I have never met Revo, nor do I have any idea of who he actually...

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