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Ever since Bleacherreport.com decided that changes were going to be made, I was all for it. Things here have been stale, and we do need to have changes to improve this place.

The addition of the Forum has been good, and the medals are shiny, so I like them. And the rankings give me a big head, therefore I have no issue with them either.

One thing that I have a massive issue with, is the new found censorship B/R has developed recently. I was offered a WWE/TNA Featured Writer Position by B/R. I am one of the few who are a double featured writer.

I like to write about both WWE and TNA, and my articles do quite well in reads and comments. Because of that, B/R feels that I can get them more exposure as a featured writer, and that is understandable.

I love that people read the articles, but commenting is something I have always been for, good or bad. Now, spamming is something that I hate.

If you are going to put down a writer for no reason at all, or have a personal vendetta against them and feel you must tell them how crappy they are or something like that, your comments are not needed.

But when you want to disagree with me about what I say ...

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