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Last night was Monday, July the 13th. We managed to have a night where seven of the best home run hitters in baseball and Brandon Inge got together in an attempt to put on a power display where batting practice pitchers grooved balls at 70—75 MPH and in turn the likes of Pujols, Fielder, Cruz, and Howard deposited them deep into the St. Louis sky.


None of these performances was close to those put on in the past by the likes of Abreu, McGwire, or Sosa during the steroid era.


Can I ask why baseball is the only sport with a steroid era? Now we can clearly discern that the game had and, some will argue, still has a steroid problem.


So the witch-hunt will continue around the steroid issue, but worse for baseball is once a year they come back to the scene of the crime. The day before the m...

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