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Innocent Joy: Opening a Fresh Pack Of Cards

By Illya Harrell On September - 10 - 2009

Is that not the most incredible Eric Davis baseball card ever?  Man, I loved that guy, easily my all-time favorite Reds' player. "The Class and the Ass" was the immediate title that came to mind when I saw the Don Mattingly and Mark McGwire card.

During the warm months, on the first Thursday, the city shuts down the street below my apartment building and holds an outdoor concert. Vendors fill the avenue and try to hock their wares.

In my apartment, on those Thursdays, I can not avoid the music—which to myself is exactly three notches above God-awful.

There is one brilliant thing about those outdoor concerts: Kettle corn.

For those unfamiliar with kettle corn it has a light sugary coating... but far from it's overweight brother, caramel corn. From the first concert to last Thursday I have bought a two-feet tall, five dollar bag off of my kettle corn dealer.

So last Thursday I headed down the elevator to get my monthly fix. For the first time they had moved the stage. I remain convinced this little deviation was concocted to further annoy me with what supposedly passes as music.

Instead of the quick jaunt strait ahead, my kettl...

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