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Inside The 2010 Golf Census

By Luke Kerr-Dineen On July - 25 - 2010

In the midst of midterm election season and economic policy-making, the leaders of the golf industry have seized this moment as the time to designate their place in the ever-changing world of politics.

Led the by the non-profit National Golf Foundation, the 2010 American Golf Census is designed to accurately account for the number and ability level of golfers in the United States, along with various other fun-facts about the game.

That information will then be recorded, posted and relayed to the newly founded golf lobby “We Are Golf” who, armed with the new knowledge, will go to work badgering our elected officials on Capitol Hill for more of the niceties that the federal government has to offer (i.e. money).

Admittedly, at first glance this appears a pretty trivial, hopeless, and painfully boring way of accomplishing something that probably won’t work, but recent numbers churned out by the census and it’s counterparts actually bring to light some surprisingly interesting information.

For ex...

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