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Is It Time To Forgive Tiger Woods?

By Juan Carlos Reyes On February - 18 - 2010

He went from being the best golfer in the world to being the poster child for E! News...and not in a good way.

When Woods crashed his vehicle, there was concern.

When it turned out he was OK, there was relief.

When it turned out that the accident might have been an escape from his wife, Elin, because he found out that was being unfaithful, there was disgust.

One by one, endorsements were dumping Woods and his reputation became tarnished.

Women from all around the world began claiming that Woods had slept with them and it was getting worse for Woods.

Woods entered Sex Rehab to cope with his addiction and after nearly three months since the incident, he is ready to talk.

Woods will hold a press conference on Friday to explain himself and his actions. There's even a chance we'll find out when he will return to competition.

While all may finally be revealed, the question is it is time to forgive Woods?

Several high profile athletes have done stupid things that can easily defame them. But if they excel in their sport after the accident not only are they forgiven, the incident is forgotten.

Look at Alex Rodriguez.<...

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