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1977 Muhammad Ali VS Michael Jackson

By King J On June - 26 - 2009

In 1977 the ever popular musical group known as the Jackson 5 had their very own variety show.

In episode three, they had a special guest: Muhammad Ali.

A 18-year-old Michael Jackson was standing toe to toe with the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. Michael started to flurry at Ali’s head as Ali bobbed and weaved to evade Michael’s blinding speed punches.

Michael asked Ali, “Do you think I can float like a butterfly and sting like bee?” (while throwing a flurry of punches towards Ali’s face and even improvising a spin dance move).

Ali responds in a poem which basically was a rap about how Michael needs to eat more grits to put more meat on his bones. (Implying that Michael needs to bulk up before he boxes.)

Little did everyone know, this cheesy variety show skit would turn out to be very symbolic of what the rest of history would measure for greatness. Both Ali and Michael Jackson went on to prove that they were the greatest of all time for what they were put on this earth for.

Every boxer who came after Ali would always be compared to and could only hope to be like the “Greatest Of All Time” just as every entertainer could only wish that they could have a fraction of Michael’s “King of Pop” royal talent.  

In fact these two legends have always been compared to one another. For years Muhammad Ali was the most famous man on the planet especially when he reigned supreme in the heavyweight division.

But as the 1980s and early 1990s came around the “King of Pop” began to give the “Greatest” a run for his money as the most famous superstar in the world.

Living in Los Angeles, I see celebrities all the time every day and it pretty much is just another day for me. But if I must be completely honest, two legends that I personally made it a lifelong goal to meet one day were: Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson.

These two icons are just simply on a whole another level and they both will never be replaced or even touched.

In the tragic wake of Michael Jackson’s sudden death, I remember how it all began as a toddler watching the Motown 25th Anniversary special. My brother was making fun of how frequently he thought MJ was grabbing his pants.

Then it happened…MJ busted out with the moonwalk and all hell broke lose! Much like how Ali shook up the world when he defeated Sonny Liston in 1964 and of course had his very own Ali shuffle, Michael Jackson shook the world with the world premiere of his moonwalk.

I remember still being a toddler going with my parents to the mall for they needed to buy a new stereo. MJ’s monster hit album Thriller was still topping the charts for two years strong and despite being a toddler I went up to the sales man and asked him if he had the Thriller cassette tape.

Everyone laughed and my parents bought me Thriller that day. It was my very first cassette tape and my life was changed forever.

Both Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson inspired me and taught me to be the greatest at everything I do just as they were the greatest at what they did.

So I want to personally thank both of these legends for everything that they did and how they profoundly impacted my life.

Rest in peace King of Pop. You will always be the greatest.

GOD bless you.


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