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Any fair weather fan that insults the speedy tandem of Boston Celtics star Rajon Rondo and Boston Red Sox star Jacoby Ellsbury may inevitably face the threat of a necktie party.

Their fans are protective, if not defensive.

But, once again, an unpleasant word has been whispered in comments online in response to their playing: "Headcases."

There is something disquieting and malevolent about the notion that the two young stars could fall under this unfortunate label.

If you are not sure what the slang may mean, you have only to consult the Online Slang Dictionary, Merriam-Webster and any other Google sources from our era’s banks of knowledge.

In the past we may have gone to the Oracle of Delphi or Encyclopedia Americana, but now a few taps on the keyboard brings us to the Internet gods of superstition, misinformation and downright base statistics.

Before calling each young star athlete a "headcase," fans need to be sure what that term has come to mean. The term derived from the early 1970s when it came in...

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