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Are people born greedy?  From the day out of the womb, we're told we can be what we want to be, do what we want to do and nothing is unachievable.

Our goal in life isn't to help others. It's to help ourselves first, and along the way if we just so happen to improve someone else's life, then we did something right.  For some people these things can coincide; helping others is helping yourself.

Let's face the facts here.  If your life mission and career path is in line with helping others, then you're doing it for yourself.  You enjoy the satisfaction from the joy others get from you, you appreciate the gratitude or you want to make a difference and that's the reason you do it.

No one is working at a job for 10 years doing charity work and coming home everyday and saying, "This sucks."  The compensation isn't enough for anyone to stay in this career path and then claim that they don't get anything out of it.  They do.

On the other hand we have the business world that is filled with so-called "greedy" folk, people who are ruthless, overly compens...

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