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Jock Schlock Rock: The 10 Worst Albums Made by Athletes

By Ian Chaffee On August - 11 - 2009
The guys at the Dirty.com—filling your athletes partying with co-eds photo needs since 2006—recently leaked a music demo San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito had been shopping around to labels in an effort to get a record deal. Here, take a listen for yourself. Hoo boy. You can just feel...feel...feel...feel his heat. As Simon Cowell himself might say, "Dreadful, Barry. You're like someone doing a bad impersonation of bad John Mayer karaoke. You should sue your voice coach (but be sure to keep that agent)." The "hit" single has been spreading like wildfire in baseball clubhouses throughout America, for all the wrong reasons. That got me to thinking, what is the worst music ever produced by an athlete so self-deluded that he or she thought it was actually a good career move? Well, this is already well-trod ground by one fellow Bleacher creature and ESPN Page 2 and Sports Pickle columnist Bleacher Report - Sports & Society
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