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Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian’s marriage may be on a collision course with the lockout in basketball. Which one ends first may be the sign that on the court, traveling is back in fashion.

On a honeymoon whirl around the world, Kim Kardashian and her dribbling husband are all over the Internet like a bad hurricane report.

On their honeymoon when Kris Humphries threw Kim into the ocean, she lost a $75,000 earring. It’s almost as bad when he tries to throw a basketball into the net from 25 feet. It’s not as easy as throwing your bride into the ocean, but almost as expensive.

We worry too that once the lockout winds up, the amount of time devoted to the lovebirds will markedly fall like the stock market.  Kim will be off to California before you can say New Jersey Shore housewife.

Fans who expect a Collective Bargaining Agreement to be as simple as the pre-nuptial agreement of Kris and Kim may find that signatories will be much more fussy.  We expect that the fine print will cause...

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