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Josh Cribbs I have no Empathy For, James Harrison I Do

By Gene Zarnick On October - 18 - 2010

Josh Cribbs collision with James Harrison that sent him to the sidelines was awesome.

Mohamed Masaquoi getting throttled a few plays later was icing on the cake.

You will all say I'm not empathic.

I'll tell you that I am, just my affinity lies with my team.

Sorry, I'm not one of those fans who has to pretend that I care for each and every player on the opposing team and stand up and clap every time they laboriously rise, using all their strength and might to make it to the sidelines.

Man up, get off the field and let's continue the football game.  That's what I'm thinking.

Why is it that the word "empathy" is only used when someone is injured or in an adverse situation?

Even worse, if you don't empathize with someone that is involved with either of those scenarios then you're basically crucified, deemed as evil or uncaring, and classified in the realm of a bigot.

I empathize.  Every single game I empathize.

The difference is that I empathize with the players on my team the e...

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