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I was born on Aug. 2, 1984. The date to this day holds an important place for me because the Los Angeles Summer Olympics, a Games that turned one of the highest profits in the history of the Olympics, were running their course.

Back then, the president of the International Olympic Committee was a gentleman from Spain that was a few years removed from taking over the reins of Ireland's Lord Killanin.

That man was Barcelona's very own Juan Antonio Samaranch. While his presidency will be known for his flaws, such as his futile attempts to curb the doping scandals that ran rampant in East Germany as well as letting the Terrible Ten taint Salt Lake City's successful 2002 Olympic bid, the deeds that helped the IOC become the organization that is have made him a hero in his own country, and a savior of the Modern Olympic Movement.

It's a legacy that will never be replicated, not even by Jacques Rogge.

Juan Antonio Samaranch Torelló was born in Barcelona on July 17, 1920, during a time where Europe was recovering from the Great War, World War I.

A business student at the University of Navarra's Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa (IES...

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