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LT and AI. Two Monikers. Two Symbols. Two Dark Shadows.

Lawrence Taylor and Allen Iverson are two men who have reached such a magnitude and infamy within their respective sports that they can be recognized simply by their initials. These are two men who have seen both the pinnacle and prodigal side of life. These are two larger-than-life athletes who faced more then their fair share of problems, vices, and demons along the way.

The only difference between the two is timing.

Lawrence Taylor has been there and done that. Twenty years ago he was living out the saga that Allen Iverson is facing presently at this point in his life. That is why he could be the perfect person and maybe one of the only people to help talk sense and guidance into Allen right now.

The recent news of the unraveling of Iverson’s life is both troubling and almost expected. Stories of his wife leaving him, his battles with alcohol, and his gambling troubles have all compounded themselves into a supernova of turmoil.

The sad part is that we all could see it coming...

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