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Will there ever be forgiveness?  We can all agree, I hope, that what Michael Vick did during those dog fighting days in the early 2000’s was horrific.  Terrible.  Disgusting.  Even Vick looks back at what he did and admits that it’s unbelievable that people can do that to animals. 

But in our culture, when a person commits an act like this, we sentence them to an appropriate punishment.  Mike served this punishment and then some.  In order to be forgiven, we look for people who have not only served the appropriate time, but also take it upon themselves to help make the community a better place. 

Often times, this community benefit is realized by helping people avoid committing the act the offender had committed.  Mike has done this.  He’s worked with local Humane Societies and has given speech after speech telling youth the mistakes he made and the price he’s paid. 

So here we are. Mike’s served his time.  He’s given back to his comm...

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