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Let me start by saying that I know many kids make it to the NFL or NBA and make millions of dollars.  I get it.  These guys get a free education and get treated like royalty. 

However, a lot of these guys are hurting.  Their family situations really suck—and don't pretend like you understand.  Some of these kids come from terrible homes or their parents are in a terrible spot.

So, they may be treated very well and get a free education.  Some of them may be spoiled.  Some of them may be jerks.  I get that.

A lot of kids are not.  No one cares about you unless you are the "star beyond all stars."  You end up on the backburner.  I know better.

The "pimp" in this situation where kids are taking money is the NCAA .  How can anyone blame anybody for taking the money?  It's not for an illegal act.  These kids don't sell drugs or steal cars—they play a sport.

If you're a music major in college and you play gigs all the time, you can get paid...

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