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Milton Bradley and Rick Pitino: Partners in Narcissism

By Andrew Nuschler On August - 28 - 2009

It's a sad truth, but inordinate fascination with oneself is hardly reason to single out a professional athlete or high-paid coach. You could make a pretty safe argument that egocentricity has become the rule rather than the exception amongst those two groups.

Nevertheless, individuals come and go who distinguish themselves even from the swell-headed pack. Sometimes, a dynamic duo wrangled for the self-love spotlight.

Thanks to Milton Bradley and Rick Pitino, we have such a scenario on our hands.

Though, in truth, it's not much of a fight—the Louisville Cardinals' head coach has Uncle Miltie walloped since his transgression is far worse and his conceit more incredible.

Hence, let's turn to Mr. Bradley first.

As Bleacher Report Senior Writer Tab Bamford points out, Bradley proclaimed himself a changed man. According to the new Milton Bradley, the world no longer seemed to be against him...until he started playing poorly.

Brought in to take the Chicago Cubs to the next level, the oft-maligned outfielder has waited until August to break...

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