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The NFL Cap Is Socialism.

By Daniel Muth On September - 16 - 2009

In the latest ESPN poll on the matter, 80% of nearly 12,000 people polled thought that the NFL is better off under a capped system because it maintains competitive balance.

This overwhelming trend of sentiment held up in every single state no matter the general political sentiment.  For example, in generally left leaning Massachusetts, 71% of the respondents thought the NFL cap was a good idea, whereas in generally right leaning South Carolina, 77% thought the cap should remain in place.

Unbelievably, stringently conservative Wyoming saw 95% of the voters in favor of the cap, though I'm prone to admit this result may be flawed as only 22 people in this state responded to the poll.

In no state did less than 70% percent of people come out in favor of the cap.

Why is this so interesting?

Well because at it's root, the NFL cap is socialism, a share the wealth philosophy designed to even out the monetary distribution in the NFL and secure a competitive balance.

It's a system that punishes large market teams and wealthy owners whose revenues could support more lavish spending, and accommodates small market teams of m...

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