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My Son a Soldier: A Father’s Veterans Day Story

By Gene Strother On November - 11 - 2009

I never had a son.

It wasn’t for lack of trying. Three times I stepped up to the plate. Three times I delivered – or my wife delivered – a girl. I used to tease Lacey (my last-born) that her nickname was “Strike Three.” (She knows she was really a grand slam, so just chill, all you people with the arched eyebrow.)

An American Soldier

I never had a boy, but girls attract boys. For a good while, Ashley (my firstborn) was in the new-boyfriend-every-other-day club and that was fine with me.

Then, it happened. This skin-and-bones kid showed up at my house and introduced himself as Andrew. I didn’t bother trying to remember the name. He’d be gone in a day or two.

But he wasn’t.

In fact, it seemed he was coming around more and more, and this caused me no small consternation. Before long, the talk turned serious. The “M” word was bantered about and Dad was not about to sit still and do nothing. I waxed eloquent time and again about the folly of moving too fast.

There was plenty of time for all th...

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