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Golf, for as long as it's been in the minds of mainstream sports fans, has been advertised as the gentlemen's game. While tennis has since cut deeply into that territory, the fact remains no opposition is as cordial as that which takes place on the links worldwide. 

And with good reason considering the seriousness the players take the inane nature of some of the more mind-numbing rules which inhabit the dark recesses of these different rulebooks.

With that said, golfers seem to know every one of them and are always willing to call them on themselves at any point, as they know, to a man, the person next to them would do the same.

It's admirable, and it's one of the truly endearing things about the sport of golf, especially in today's hyperbolic sports climate where everything is a never ending pursuit of excellence or an exercise in the harshiest lessons of true capitalism.

That's not what we're going to talk about today, however.

Four days ago Golfweek.com published a seemingly typical fluff piece entitled "Sportsmanship at its finest" detailing Grant...

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