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Recently, public employees nationwide have been feeling the sting of the torrent of rights losses trailing back to Wisconsin. Governor Scott Brown and his merry band of thieves AKA the state senate felt pretty grand after seizing the power to destroy unions.  Because, as we all know, teachers everywhere need the extra cash to pay for the insurances on their individual fleets of Rolls-Royces.

Its an outbreak reaching across the nation. Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan all have union-stripping measures before them.

Tennessee is not a typo, unless I spelled it wrong. It does belong in that sentence though.

Rick Snyder's plan to tax all pensions, both public and private, is a linchpin in his budget plan to eliminate a $1.4-billion deficit and cut business taxes.Treating pensions like regular income would generate an extra $900 million for the state from about 900,000 retirees. That would pay for half of the $1.8-billion business tax cut Snyder...

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