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Earlier this week, HBO Real Sports aired a piece about four former Auburn football players who spoke about receiving cash handshakes during their recruitment and throughout their football careers.  The unlawful conduct spoken about from these former athletes paints a very clear picture of what NCAA sports are all about–Money.

I get it. Then again, I've always gotten it.  The NCAA is about money.  It's a business that capitalizes on the success of NCAA athletes and in turn puts a hefty profit into many old men's' tailored suit pockets. 

It's a system that is far from perfect in one sense, but profitability-wise, it's an unbelievable business model.

Since this HBO special, we've had numerous people in an uproar about the NCAA.  Myron Rolle, a Rhodes Scholar, interviewed with ESPN Insider on why he thinks college athletes should get paid.  

Jason Whitlock, a Fox Sports Columnist, has written a Bleacher Report - Sports & Society
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