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NFL Picks Week 14: Pick 3 Against the Spread

By GB Bongiovanni On December - 10 - 2010

Understanding what you are betting on and knowing your limitations are the keys to being a successful gambler.

Looking at a sports line, you will see that there is an underdog and a favorite. Generally, the point spread is next to the favored team and is, thus, a negative number.

For instance the Green Bay Packers are a favorite this week by six and a half points (-6.5) and the Detroit Lions are the underdog receiving the six and a half points (+6.5).

There are two point spread bets available on this game. If the Packers win by seven or more points or if the Lions win or lose by six and a half or fewer points.

One of the easiest ways to understand the odds is to take the final score of the game, say Packers 24, Lions 14. If you were to bet on the Packers (-6.5) you would need them to win by at least seven, which in this case means you won.

If you bet on the Lions, you would need them to either win or come within six and a half points, which i...

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