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NFL Teams In Trouble and Their Possible Futures

By Thomas Galicia On June - 29 - 2010
The economy has hampered the daily lives of many, including professional sports. The NFL, being No. 1 for what feels like forever among the big four sports leagues, is in more trouble than they'd leave you to believe. A new collective bargaining agreement needs to be finished by this March, or else there is the possibility of a lockout in the 2011 NFL Season. The sad thing is that, due to many owners hemorrhaging money like a hemophiliac, those same owners would rather not play a 2011 season because: 1. They'll still get TV money from FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN whether they play or not; and 2. They won't have to pay their players. I can't suggest how to fix this other than smacking the owners (and players) upside the head and reminding them that part of the reason they are number one is because they haven't had a major work stoppage since 1988. Or they should somehow convince the TV networks to band together and sue the NFL to be able to get out of their contracts for next year if there isn't a season (doubtful but would probably get the owners' and players' attention). I can tell you what this will all mean for commissioner Goodell and the NFL: a very interesting next few year...

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