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No NFL For Me This Year: Besides Very Limited Occasions

By Illya Harrell On August - 19 - 2009

Alright, I used to be one of "those guys" who would get up at the break of dawn—well, not really.  But I would damn sure set the alarm so to get up and make coffee by the time the ESPN pregame show started. 

I'd get decked out in my Redskin furbelow (okay, "furbelow" was dictionary.com's "word of the day").  I don't really dress in NFL clothing.  Even when I was buying into all the hype, I refused to pay for the overpriced garb.

I noticed my illness starting last season. 

Unless the 'Skins were playing I usually did not watch the Sunday night game or the ESPN version of Monday Night Football. 

This year, I could not be less excited. 

In fact, I just logged into my Yahoo Fantasy Football league with every intention of removing my team and sending an email to the commish and asking him to please inform me upon the start of next year's fantasy baseball season.

But I noticed that Yahoo had shaken things up a bit.  Our league is now separated into two divisions and has what is known as a "Rivalry Week". 

My rivalry is against Dead Prez.

I ...

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