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O’Bannon Could Lift NCAA’s Veil of Secrecy

By S.N. Counsel On February - 10 - 2010

The NCAA has long kept the details of its revenues generated from student-athletes a secret.  That effort took a drastic hit on Monday, when a federal judge ruled that former NCAA basketball star Ed O'Bannon could proceed with his lawsuit against the NCAA. 


O'Bannon's lawyers now will attempt to get access to NCAA's financial records related to student-athletes through the discovery process. 


Discovery is a pre-trial phase in a lawsuit in which each party receives access to other parties' documents and evidence relevant to issues in the case.  Because O'Bannon will likely seek a portion of revenues generated by the NCAA, he can use discovery to learn more about its financial affairs. 


According to Jon King, one of O'Bannon's attorneys, "This is a truly historic day—to our knowledge, no one has ever gotten behind t...

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