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As the USC Trojans and their freshman starting quarterback, Matt Barkley, continued pacing down the field and clawing their way to first downs late in Saturday's Ohio State-USC matchup, I could feel what was coming: The inevitable touchdown would seal the Buckeyes' fate, but more importantly, it would also uncork a deluge of whiney, "woe is me" tirades that have now become commonplace among Cleveland and Ohio State fans.

As I drove home after the loss, I kept replaying the game's crucial moments over and over in my head.

How did Terrelle Pryor not see Chris Galippo on what turned out to be a back-breaking interception?

Why did the OSU offense stubbornly go for the throat during its final possession of the first half?

How did the defense, which played wonderfully all night, suddenly fall apart at the end of the game?

Why does this seem to happen again and again to every team I affiliate myself with?

My thoughts were enough to bother me for at least the rest of the night. What really got me fumed was what I saw upon logging in to Facebook later that night:

"Jim tressel better be fired by monday. so much talent n he (expletive) it al...

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