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Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Baseball: Fair or Foul?

By Matthew Melton On August - 4 - 2012

Should there be performance-enhancing drugs in baseball?  I really do not see the difficulty in answering this question with a resounding “No.” 

For justification, I say look to the athletes currently playing today. 

How many of them have announced that they are using steroids or some other performance-enhancing drug?  Zero. 

How many athletes in the game today have publicized their belief that PED usage is appropriate?  Zero. 

If none of the athletes are willing to come forward, state their case and attach their name to PED usage, then why should we say the drugs have an appropriate place in today’s game? 

The reason no athlete has hitched their horse to the PED wagon is because there is no inherent honor, integrity or prestige to synthetically improving one’s self for the purposes of throwing a baseball a couple miles per hour faster, or adding a few feet of distance to your home run swing. 

Cutting through all the hyperbole, and getting past the talking points about how this is just evolution, the in...

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