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Professional Male Athletes: Cheaters All

By Glenn Card On March - 24 - 2010

It’s possible that if you’re a male sports fan you may be faced with the same problem that I’ve been dealing with lately. Explaining to your wife/girlfriend/significant other how it is possible that male athletes seem incapable of keeping their focus when it comes to committed relationships?

I’m not sure how I became the spokesperson for the rest of my kind. I have valiantly tried to frame my responses to ensure that we, males, are not all viewed as creatures with the same mind and motivations that get these few sports stars targeted in the press.

It’s easy for me to fall back on my standard and well used analysis that the star athlete peccadilloes that we become aware of are far removed from the many normal relationships that exist throughout the sporting world.

My female counterpart can quickly rattle off a number of high profile male fiascoes one after another. The list ranges from a president, governors and presidential hopefuls to pro golfers, NBA stars, NFL stars, sports announcers, late night show hosts, down to the lowly NFL football mascot Pat Patriot.

I find myself not defending my gender but trying to explain ...

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