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PYIR SportsCenter: June 25, 2009, SportsCenter Roundtable

By Jake Leonard On June - 25 - 2009

This is a segment from the June 25 podcast of PYIR SportsCenter.

Jake Leonard: We’re back for our SportsCenter Roundtable. I would like to welcome to the show Marcus Beltron, David Spencer, Andrew Simmons and Arnold Dirksen, all independent sports bloggers from across the country. Marcus, what would be your best analysis for the horrible performance by the Chicago Cubs this season?

Marcus Beltron: As a Cubs fan, I have to say I am really disappointed with the team this season. With a 34-35 record (Note: record as of airing.)and it creeping closer to the All-Star Break, I’m just not confident that they can rebound before then and make to .500. I was talking to Arnold before this segment and both of us agreed that there is just no chance of them making any improvements to be NL Central pennant winning material this season.

Arnold Dirksen: What Marcus is missing at this point is the fact that division rivals Cincinnati, Houston and Pittsburgh, despite their early issues (Note: Pittsburgh is 6.5 games behind leader St. Louis, which may become 5.5 pending a Pirate win – the Cardinals lost to the Mets 3-2 hours after this broadcast.) may have a chance to rally and get ahead of Chicago by the break.

Leonard: Andrew, with Wimbledon underway, who is your pick to win it all?

Andrew Simmons: Every year, it gets more interesting. The men’s single matches seem really watertight, but two names come to mind this year: Andy Roddick and Juan Carlos Ferrero. Don’t ask me why last year’s champion Rafael Nadal isn’t here, but Roddick and Ferrero are my picks.

Leonard: On the women’s single, Venus Williams is trying to make it her 6th Wimbledon win in her career. Unfortunately, those who are going on to the next round I have certainly never heard of. Maria Sharapova, obviously a top contender for our Hottest Female Athlete of the Year, was eliminated in the second round. If Sharapova would have continued on, would she have survived on long enough to face Williams?

Simmons: Are you serious?

Dirksen: There’s a chance she could, but I don’t see her repeating her success in 2004 when she beat Williams’ sister Serena. She’s out. End of story!

David Spencer: So you’re obviously stating that Sharapova is washed up? She was injured for almost two years and you’re saying she doesn’t have a shot. She barely got into Wimbledon due to a low world ranking.

Leonard: I would like to continue this discussion, but we’ve run out of time for this segment. We would like to thank our sponsor for this segment, Kroger. We’ll be right back.

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