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Red Sox Nation has come together in a way that we have not seen since the Impossible Dream. 

We believe.

Yes, fans, we are now living the Impossible Nightmare. In 1967, a group of no-name players had their best career years all at once.

In 2011, a group of high profile superstars are all having their worst season at one time.

When adversity hit the Impossible Dreamers like a bean ball on benighted Tony Conigliaro, they went back to work with their low-salary lunch buckets and forged through to a World Series.

Now, filet-mignon munching stars pull up in chauffeured limo and promptly spray us with breadcrumbs from Au Bon Pan.

This team of baseball savants makes the Idiots of yore seem like Midnight Scholars cramming at the last minute.

Even during the Dust Bowl years of the early 1960s, when the pitching rotation had Gene Conley, Galen Cisco and a novena for rain, the Sox had some quirky, but likable players.

You want sushi at the concession stand? Give me a hot dog, or give me last place.

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